Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Beyonce: I am...Not Coming :(

Okay, so I heard she ain't coming this Sunday? Like waddup with that? I so totally don't get it. She claims she's afraid of a terrorist attack. Like hello, America's been terrorised by a billion terrorists, I actually lost count -_- I mean, I know Malaysia's a Muslim country and everything but she's kinda letting all her Malaysian fans down. And another thing, she also doesn't wanna come to Malaysia because of the Dress Code for her Concert. I mean, come on! When Gwen Stefani came to Malaysia, she stuck to the dress code and still managed to do an insanely awesome performance. Now that's PROFESSIONAL. What? Beyonce can't be sexy without her sexy clothes? SO NO PROFESSIONAL. I mean no offence, but professionals should be able to dance in the rain or sing with a sore throat (in theory). And she's complaining about the dress code? Like What The Hell? Hello Beyonce, you're like THE BEYONCE. You'll look hot in anything! Even in a bathrobe. SHEESH. I so don't know about you guys, but I'm very dissapointed.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sick and Tired.

You wanna know what I hate the most? When someone does something good, everyone pats him on the back and he has good reviews and blah blah blah. But then, when he messes up just once, he's like the baddest guy on the block. I just simply don't get it. Let me remind you the amount of GOOD DEEDS he's done in the past? People are so mental sometimes, their so overated. It's like one black deed hides every other good deed he's done. And this bad deed isn't even life changing. I mean people make mistakes. And I also hate people reminding the poor guy of that ONE stupid bad deed. I mean, hello, let me remind you of all the good deeds he's done! Like -_______-

Oh and if you have something on your mind, say it! If not, please do not expect other people to know what you wanna say or do. We're human beings you fool, not mind readers. Sometimes, I wonder if people like you were born with a brain. And if you do have one, like hello knock knock, USE IT. So go on, use your brain and stop being a perfectionist. I know you well and you ain't perfect as hell so quit the stepford wives act. Learn some manners or I'll scrub your mouth with a brush made of nails.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hate Mail

Hello, open your eyes. I've been so hooked on 90210, I haven't been studying like I used to. Im getting lazier and lazier. It's like a disease I can't cure man. I should just drop out of life. God, I feel so emo right now. Damn. Yesterday, I cursed for like no reason. Like 53 times. I'm so depressed right now, you have NO idea -_- I think next year would probably suck for me. Considering I learnt nothing this whole year. Exams are just around the corner and here I am updating my blog because the whole friend gang keeps asking me to. Well here's my problematic updated life :) Oh and ELISSA YASMINE, YOU KINDA DO REMIND ME OF NAOMI (ANNALYNNE MCCORD) FROM 90210 :D Haha, can I like touch you? haha okay I'm weird :|

I think 90210 is a crazy place to live but I still wanna live there. Haha, it's soooo super awesome. Elissa, we should go there someday haha love youu.

Saturday, August 15, 2009



OMGGGGGG, aren't I the most luckiest girl on the planet? HAHA. Getting this picture was soooo not a piece of pie. It started of, the whole gang wanted to have a huge suprise party for Jian Guang because he's going off to England at the end of the year. We were suppose to do it on a Sunday as in tomorrow but we decided not to. I THANK GOD WE DIDN'T :D

Soo, Mich and I arrived at Sunway Pyramid expecting the day to be you know, normal. MY ASS IT DID haha. AFter meeting up with Roberto and Yash, Mich wanted to shop. THANK GOD SHE DID. So we were at Lola and I was outside with Roberto and directly acroos the store, I saw a dude that looked like Nick Wheeler, guitarist of The All American Rejects. I was like, "OMG, Berto, isn't that the guitarist from AAR?" And then he was like, "No lahh, or else he would have bodyguards and blah blah blah". So I was like yeahh, I guess. MAN WERE WE W-R-O-N-G haha. After Michelle bought her stuffs, we headed to Rainforest. Then, I saw the same dude in between two malay dudes taking a picture. And I was like SHITTTTTTT, he is the guitarist from AAR. I was so shocked I forgot his name haha. After he was done with the photo he quickly walked away. I guess he wanted to avoid starting a riot as he had no bodyguards with him. But Mich, Kishen and I chased him till we got to the Sunway Hotel and Spa and then we lost him :| I CRIED MY HEART OUT. Even at the restaraunt I cried. I was completely devastated. I had no mood for food, which by the way was a miracle.


Alas, I could not take it any longer so I got up and walked out of Rainforest. I wanted to walk. I headed to Starbucks and Yash called me. "Where you going lah?" I replied, "I just need to walk for a bit". (YEAH I'M A DRAMA QUEEN, BUT HEY IT WAS NICK FROM AAR PEOPLE!) She then told me to wait as she was coming to walk with me. We found each other and we made our way to the Hotel Entrance of where I had lost him :( We reached the place and I waited for a while. I approached the elavator and some chick presses the down button. I actually prayed to God for another oppurtunity. Suddenly, I heard a familiar voice behind me and BAM! Tyson Ritter was taking a photo with a chick and another dude. I was like EEEEEKKKKKKKKKKK to Yash haha and she was suprised as well DUHH. He walked passed me and accidently passed me, and I was like TYSONNNNN :) But he just kept on walking. Yash and I followed him to the hotel but he went into the lift. The doors closed and my heart broke. Then, the doors opened again and there he was. Standing there with a confused look. I kept looking, Ii mean STARING. He saw me and he smiled at me haha :D (SORRY FOR SOUNDING LIKE A LOVE SICK FAN) But the stupid lift had to close and poof. HE WAS GONE :( I walked out cryingmy eyes out. And everyone was like staring at me now. A bunch of girls were like, is she okay? I was like yeahh I just let Tyson go. -__- . I started swearing and saying life sucked. I wanted to kill myself. Why? 1, I saw Nick and I failed to get a picture with him. 2, I saw Tyson and also failed to get a picture with him. And 3, my mascara was smearing due to my stupid shit tears. Yeah WATERPROOF MY ASS. We got back to Rainforest and I started crying like shit again.
I took a short pause. Grabbed the Carlsberg and downed it. Still unsatisfied, I still wanted to go back. This time Melissa Embert, Michelle the twin, Sarah Rani and Yash followed.

We reached the place where I saw Tyson. After 5 minutes, Yash decided to leave as her friend had already arrived. After she left, we still kept on waiting. For what? We were thinking nothing. MAN WERE WE WRONG! Haha. I prayed one more time and boom, Nick, Mike and Tyson came through the doors along with two of their friends and two bodyguards. "Hey Ladies", Tyson and Nick said looking at us. I was like Hey, Mich was like hello and Sarah and Melissa were like speechless. Haha. I don't blame them. They walked pass us and duhh, we followed. They were just 2 feet away and I couldn't help it. So, I just walked up in between Tyson and his friend and went like;

Hey Tyson, could I pretty please get a picture with you?
*On his iPhone* Yeah just hold on yeah?
Cool, cause I like saw you like twice today and I just had to get a picture with you haha.
You want a picture?
*LAUGHS* Sorry for being so short.
Haha that's okay, you look pretty.
Haha thanks.
Alright thank you!
*He walks away, then he turns around and asks,*
Did it come out okay?
Yeah, it did. Wanna see it?
*I held up my phone so he could see it*
Ohh perfect, you look great.
Thanks you too, love your eyes.
Thanks, we should go out sometime.
Yeah sure no problem.

And thus that picture up there was produced.

And soon after Michelle got a picture with Nick Wheeler.

She had to wait for 15 minutes to get this photo.

Yup, today was the most funnest, happiest, luckiest, bestest most unforgettable days of my life. I HEART ALL AMERICAN REJECTS :D

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Saddest Song In The World

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Sooo yeahh, I haven't been attending school for like uhh, 2 days now and I missed the fire drill yesterday haha. Whatever. This is just a stupid random post so bear with me would you? So yeahh, I just found out that I was born with a birth defect which happened in my gigantic stomach. Yeahh, I got too much uh wind/gas/airwhatever inside it haha. You see, my stomach was bothering me so I informed my dad about it and he got one of his uhh, buddieswho happens to be a chinese ehem* voodoo doctor who loves giving people chinese medication to cure your sickness.Yeahh, he gave me this shitty lookin' HERB which looked kinda good but tasted worse than the brown coloured substance excreted through your anus. SERIOUSLY, it really sucked. Plus, I have to drink that for like a whole week to get better -________- HAHA, i love that face. Reminds me of Jian Guang. Oh he's going to England. How friggin sad is that? Anyway dude, I'm seriously gonna miss you around. Gonna miss bugging you about your stupidity,assholeness and of course SEPETNESS haha :D

Lazy and Lame, Danielle
Ohh yeahhhhhh;
After seeing him on WANTED, I WANT HIM ! :D

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ring ring, what Danielle got a new phone?

Yeah babyyy, a NOKIA 5310. Black with blue highlights.
Life's getting better and better :)